Newsletter 3/5/20

3 / 5 / 20

Dear Members

In our last newsletter the committee had made a decision to keep our club closed during level 3. This was in in order for our committee to ensure the health and well being of our membership and to comply to the COVID – 19 Safety Plan. We needed time to put in place the many and specific guidelines from Tennis NZ before we could reopen. The committee is working hugely hard behind the scenes to ensure we will be able to comply and is hoping we will be in a position to revisit our opening start date by the middle of next week.

Current position :

Cleaning & Hygiene :

  • We have ensured all high contact areas ( gates etc ) are sanitised before each use
  • We have hand sanitiser available for court users before and after play
  • We ensure our clubrooms (including disabled toilet) and drinking fountain remain closed    

Thanks to some wonderful work from Ewan and Bede organising sanitiser systems to be installed, and supplies of sanitiser and a generous donation of sanitiser we are nearly ready to go …

Administration :

  • We have a club representative to supervise – this person to open and close gates and carry out suitable cleaning procedures for high touch areas
  • We have established a contactless booking process for court usage
  • We have implemented a contact tracing process
  • We have procedures for high touch areas

We have committee members who have committed themselves to be supervisors and Kathy has put together an extensive list of protocols to be followed and will conduct a training session for the supervisors. We are likely when we open, to offer the hours 3-7pm daily for members only

Jean–Michel has produced and will supervise a contactless booking system for us

We will be using a contact tracing system set up by Tennis NZ


  • We have displayed a safety plan clearly for court users to view
  • We have displayed contact tracing information posters ensuring this information has been given before any play takes place
  • We have displayed signs advising court users that everything they brought to the club must be removed when they leave, including rubbish

The signage required by clubs is extensive and needs to be weatherproof.

Scott is organising this for our club. Richard Breitmeyer is trying to bring our job lot to the front of the queue. We hope to have this material by the middle of the week. John and Kathy will be overseeing the installation.

The committee will then review our opening date as soon as this signage is in place.

It is anticipated that all clubs will continue to follow such procedures during level 2.

I would like to acknowledge in particular the effort Kathy Dwyer has put in to ensure our Safety Plan is rigorous and the welfare of our members does come first.

We are nearly there and we so look forward to hopefully be able to share very good news by the middle of next week.

Cashmere Tennis Club Committee