Calendar of Events for Juniors in 2022/23

Dear Juniors and Parents

Here’s a summary of what’s happening in the 2022 / 23 tennis season.

Red and Orange ball Hot shots Tournaments at the club :

(These events will be run by the coaching team and our junior committee)

  • Sunday December 3 : our junior members only
  • Sunday January 29  : combined with our junior club championships
  • Sunday April 2 : open event for Hotshots in Christchurch

Saturday December 17 will be our Christmas Breakup.

End of season breakup will be in April 2023

Pop these dates in your calendar – more info to follow re entries


This season the committee is introducing a support programme for the juniors who play at key tournaments in Christchurch.

The Meredith Brothers will be available for warmups for Cashmere members at the upcoming Canty Spring Open, Canty Xmas Tournament and Canty Easter Tournament 2023. These tournaments are the 3 big ones in ChCh.

Warm ups will be 7am -8am each day at Wilding park. These tournaments are 5 days each and a commitment from the club towards tournament players . 


We are intending to have the bar open at the clubrooms every Friday night from 5-7pm

This is a place you can gather while your child is playing.


It is hoped this year to be able to publish the junior team results on a regular basis. When the season starts we will be in touch with team captains and organize a reporting back roster.

Thanks Noelene, Matt and James